Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One just give in to despair

Some statistics can be chilling. Twenty-one children under the age of five die every minute. Half those deaths can be prevented by cost effective solutions like vaccinations and nutritional supplements, but aren't simply because the services do not reach the people they are meant to serve. It is nobody's fault. There are not enough health clinics in developing countries, because there aren't enough trained people to run them. Parents don't get their children vaccinated because there is nobody to explain to them why they should do so.
Will things ever change? Sometimes one just has to give in to despair.

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Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - You've touched on one of the real sadnesses of the world. Sometimes it really is overwhelming and so very heartbreaking. The only way I stay sane when I think about things like that is that even though we can't undo this terrible damage all at once, every small thing we do helps. If we don't keep trying, the problem gets even worse...

Kittie Howard said...

The staggering amount of poverty and disease in the world overwhelms. Each day 9000 children die from impure drinking water. Every 15 seconds a child died from sad.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

That childhood mortality rate is way too high for modern-day life. Very frustrating.

Deb said...

And yet it still goes on while every single government wastes money on crap.

Al said...

Things change so slowly that it is easy to despair.
Another emotion I have to drive away is anger. There are enough resources. We as a species choose to spend them on weapon systems and personal wealth for a few. When I think of these facts frustrated anger is only a step away.
I hang on to the little victories, the individuals I have helped or (even better) empowered to help themselves.
I am sure you have touched very many lives in a positive way.
Celebrate your achievements they have real meaning.

Diandra said...

Oh, the irony - in "modern" industrialized countries, parents are not having their kids vaccinated because "all the evil pharmaceutic companies only want to kill and indoctrinate our children!" Anyone know the proverb of the donkey who goes ice-skating if he feels too well?

slommler said...

So much for modern day wonders!!! Superstition and misinformation still rules the day!!! Sigh!

dipali said...

Truly heartbreaking.


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