Friday, March 25, 2011

The Invisible Victims

While I may want to believe that commercial sex workers choose to ply their trade, the reality is that most of them don't have a choice. Even today, families sell girls into the sex trade for as little as a couple of hundred dollars, and the girls are expected to remain till their earnings pay off the cost at which they were acquired.

The girls already sold into the sex trade, perhaps, have no option but to remain till AIDS or old age claims them, but must the daughters born to them have to follow them into slavery?

Hopefully not!
Their smiles hide the horrors they have witnessed!
Do check out my blog post on the Invisible Victims of Sex Trafficking, and help spread the word if you can.
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LTM said...

what a sad, horrible situation. And what a sad, horrible fate to contemplate. My dream is that this practice will one day be obliterated and they'll all be set free~ :o( xoxo

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - Far too many young girls are sold into the sex trade. And what makes me even sadder about it is that the people who sell them are too often their own family members. The people these girls should be able to trust implicitly are the ones who betray them. I understand that for too many families, it's a choice of that or starve to death. It just makes me so unhappy for these girls, and so grateful that my family (especially my daughter)is not in that horrible position...

Jemi Fraser said...

There are so many kids being sold or forced into these industries - it's awful.


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