Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Orders of magnitude

“It’s so easy. I can easily lift that”, boasted my son while watching weightlifting on TV.
While I loved his optimism, I wanted him to appreciate the magnitude of what the athletes were actually doing. “Do you know how heavy 150 kilograms is?”, I asked him. “Your little brother weights a little over 16 kilograms. Nine of him will just about make up 150 kilograms.”
“But I can easily lift my brother.”
“One of him, yes. But can you lift nine of him at the same time?”
He agreed that he couldn’t. But his imagination could capture it for posterity.


Chuck said...

That is a great drawing...and a great imagination. You should be proud!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ha! Gotta love it...the confidence of youth!

Natasha said...

@ Chuck - I am proud. Very. And every figure is a gem.

@ SueAnn - kids are something else, aren't they? Left to themselves, they can move the world.


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