Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Is this Independence?

Sixty-five years ago, the tricolour flag was unfurled for the first time in Independent India. The nation will be truly free”, Mahatma Gandhi said, “only when its women are free.” 

There were women doctors in the army, and a woman represented the nation in the United Nations- one hoped women would take their position as equal partners in the newly independent India.

Decades later, that dream is still a dream. Men outnumber women ten for nine. Women have no say in shaping their lives. Society dictates how women should dress; women are raped if they don’t comply.
Is this Independence?


Chuck said...

That sounds so tragic and unbelievable in this day and age for a developing country.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ouch!! That is awful!! What is it with the men. Are they so afraid of women that they must keep them pushed down??

Natasha said...

@ Chuck- till mindsets change, I fear for my country. One half of us is growing up, and only one half. But if the two halves aren't aligned, how can a body do anything?

@ SueAnn- never thought of it that way. Maybe it is fear!


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