Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Less bigotry, please

Unlike countries in Europe and the Americas, India is almost homogeneous ethnically. An Indian can always identifying another; we all “look alike”. Which is why the people from the North-Eastern states stand-out- they look “Chinese”, not “Indian”, and are often asked to produce their passports. That the eight states are also physically isolated doesn’t help- we often forget they are a part of India.

But ignorance is one thing, discrimination is quite another. How can people originally from the North-East, but studying or working in other parts of their own country be asked to leave? Can’t there be less bigotry?


Jan Morrison said...

How about none? That's what I'd like. From a psychological point of view all bigotry is a parent contaminated adult ego state! That means we believe in the borrowed (from our parents and other adults heavily involved in our upbringing)ego-states notions of what is okay and what is not. In our uncontaminated adult ego-state (which is like Data on Star Trek) we know only what is based in the current reality. Whew! Think I need to drabble my responses.

Chuck said...

There certainly can be less bigotry...but that would be too easy.

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - You make such a good point here. People so often make judgements about others simply because they have learned that those who look different are "the other" and not "like us." They've learned that attitude from a very early age and it gets carried into adulthood. Sadly I see it all the time here. It's a matter of realising that bigotry is a learned reaction rather than anything representing reality or fact.


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