Monday, August 20, 2012

No words to describe it

Normally, I do not blog about current affairs, believing instead that what we need is long-term systemic change. But after telling my mother (and harshest/ best critic) that I would not blog about what's happening in my country today, I realized it is a part of the larger picture.

Conflict over land is the oldest reason for people to go to war. When the local tribal population in Assam targets illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, religion doesn’t enter the picture- they are merely protecting their land.
But since the tribals are Hindu and the immigrants Muslim, in the holy month of Ramzan, it can be projected as a religious war. People who cannot locate Assam on the map can be incited into joining the ‘jihad’. People originally from the region can be made to fear for their lives, and rush back home to safety.
Deplorable. Shameful. Words cannot describe it.
Disclaimer- The photograph is not meant to imply I blame these ladies in any way. I use the picture, because I know that in their emancipation lies a part of the solution


Melissa Bradley said...

I do not like war of any kind. I think talking is the solution to all things. Thank you for the post.

Chuck said...

I clearly need more in depth education on this subject as apart from the atomosphere of war I am not quite sure I understand. Thanks for making me think and investigate.

Natasha said...

@ Melissa - agree totally- war is pointless. Absolutely pointless.

@ Chuck - 100 words is barely enough to skim the surface. And everyone is to blame- the Muslim fundamentalists, the Hindu fundamentalists, politicians of all hues for milking it, the media for fanning the flames....

LTM said...

"in their emancipation lies a part of the solution"--PERFECT. It sums up your post in nine words. Religion, politics, whatever. When you reduce them to sound-bytes and take out any logic or reasonable debate, you're left with ignorance and rabble-rousing. ((hugs)) I see you doing great things w/100 words~ <3

Natasha said...

@ Leigh- *blush* thank you, Twin from Across the World.


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