Monday, August 27, 2012

A part of his DNA

It is hard for me to write about Lance Armstrong, but I must.

Isn’t it amazing that even after thirteen years and hundreds of tests, nobody has been able to find any trace of that cocktail of drugs that Lance Armstrong took? Yet, the drugs must be there, because isn’t it impossible to win seven Tour de France titles on sheer hard work, guts and talent? And since everyone knows those drugs are there, if he is tested often enough some trace will eventually show up, wouldn’t it?
Unless, Lance Armstrong acquired his almost superhuman powers after being bitten by a rare spider. The drugs would be a part of his DNA then.


Chuck said...

Won't even get on my soapbox about this...I say leave him alone and let the records speak for themselves. As much as he has been tested over all those years something would have turned up. I am sure some samples were tested again years after...give it a rest I say.

Natasha said...

You said it, Chuck. It doesn't matter if he took drugs or not- despite the most rigourous testing, nobody has physical proof that he did. Why bother to spend so much money on testing athletes, when all they need to do is to listen to gossip.

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - What a brilliant piece on this whole question. When I think of the kind of example Lance Armstrong has set in so many ways, I shake my head at all of this. All you need to is look at the lurid stories of other sport stars who've committed domestic violence and much worse. Wouldn't you think there'd be better things to than pillory Armstrong?

sue said...

It's got to the stage where it looks like it's become someone's personal desire to find something - anything, and that they're flinging mud that they've produced.
I watched a programme about his training regime once - it made my legs hurt is was so grueling.


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