Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Discovering cooking

I am a strictly utilitarian cook- I enter the kitchen only when I absolutely have to. Not for me hours spent pouring over recipe books; experimenting with flavours; playing with textures. I’d eat the same boring stuff at home, and indulge when we went out.

Till I discovered an on-line community of enthusiastic cooks. Suddenly, good food became accessible. Boring vegetables could be cooked in new ways. Cereals I never knew existed turned out to be as delicious as they were healthy. My spice rack expanded, I bought new implements.

Suddenly, cooking has become almost as much fun as eating!
Bajra/ pearl millet was a name I'd only encountered in geography texts, 
till I found this recipe that seemed easy enough even for me to attempt. 
Verdict- yummy!!!!


Michael Di Gesu said...

Preparing you own meals is a great way to stay healthy and enjoy what YOU like to eat.

Glad you discovered the fun of cooking.

Chuck said...

And it actually looks tasty too!


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