Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My favourite photograph of me

I was flipping through some really old photographs the other day, and came across this picture of mine. The picture is undated, but from the furniture I can make out that it was definitely taken before my sixth birthday.

I've always loved this photograph for a variety of reasons. As a photographer, I love the composition. As someone who never remembers a time when her favourite passtime was anything but burying her nose in a book, the subject appeals to me. And as a person, I love that I look so pretty in the picture.

This is the first time I looked at the picture in years, and I now have an additional reason for this to feature in my list of all time favourite photographs- in the picture, I am the splitting image of my older son (or should I say he is the splitting image of me at that age?).

All his life, everyone has insisted that my older one resembles his father- I was the only one who ever thought he looked a little like me. This photograph is proof that he is as much my son as he is his father's!


Ann Elle Altman said...

That's a really cute photograph, it's nice to go back and remind ourselves every once and awhile.


Jan Morrison said...

Love this photograph - especially because you are so absorbed in what you are doing. Kids today pose too much because we take too many pics I guess. And I like what you found out by re-visiting it!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Ann - thanks so much, and yes, it was great fun.

@ Jan - It was great fun going back in time and seeing me as I don't remember myself at all. But how much of it is real reading, and how much is sophisticated posing, I am not too sure ;-)

Watery Tart said...

I love this photo too, Natasha. And you DO look exactly like your older... and so serious! (it seems even the expression is one I've seen on him, where your younger is always flirting with the photographer)

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Tami - yes, the expression is the same too!!! I am quite in love with this particular photograph, as you can see.

dipali said...

Such a lovely photograph! Do mail me one of your son so I can look at the both of you:)


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