Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dream Woman

Last year, the online version of the Burrow was a couple of months old when we decided to do the Valentine feature. And it was a dream come true for a self confessed scheduling nerd like me - 27 days (not including the special feature on Valentine's Day), nine of us. Three drabbles per person was the simple solution. But some of us wanted to drabble to images used by other people, so we came up with 'if two drabbles share one image, each drabble counts as half' solution. There were special requests for particular days, and I remember the entire database being uploaded before the end of the month.
This year couldn't have been more different. One is taking a work-related sabbatical, another has a thesis to present. A third had a close friend's wedding to plan. Which left six of us - not a bad number to start with, except for the fact that one was not intending to do more than one drabble, and another only offered to fill up the gaps.
In the last week of January, one of us had to bow out because of family emergencies, and the weekend before the project was to go live, another had her gall bladder removed.

But the four of us managed to divide the month among ourselves, and though all the drabbles haven't been written yet, we are going ahead with the project. After all, it is now a tradition, and traditions cannot be tampered with.

Here's a drabble that came out earlier this week-

I could drown in her limpid eyes; spend a lifetime caressing her lustrous hair. If I shut my eyes, I can feel the softness of her palms; her lips pressed against mine.

Biker chick or lovelorn housewife. Emotional dancer or proud queen. She never fails to fascinate.

She dances for me; flirts with me. She sings songs of longing; gives me looks filled with meaning.

She comes to me every night when I insert the DVD of her latest blockbuster in my player.

She is mine. I couldn’t ask for anything more. How now can I settle for anything less?

A drabble a day, everyday, on the many aspects of Love, in the Valentine Feature at the Burrow.

Image - detail from the film poster of Jodhaa Akbar.


Anonymous said...


Ann Elle Altman said...

What an interesting idea and your drabble is very good.


Rayna M. Iyer said...

Thanks you, Fiona and Anne.

Do check out the Burrow, when you have time. Some of the drabbles there are absolute gems.


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