Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Big One

[Nature has never failed to awaken in me simultaneously the almost contradictory feelings of insignificance and utter grandeur. Though I have never surfed, this drabble is a tribute to that feeling]

I study the water, see the wave coming even before it has formed. It will be a big one, I brace myself for it. Foot firmly on board, knees bent, body pressing forward as I have been doing for years. I have placed myself in the prefect spot. The wave forms under my board, carries me up to its crest. I ride the wave, hold myself up as long as possible. The wave comes crashing down, brings me down with it.

I am insignificant compared to the might of the Ocean. It embraces me, I am a part of it.

A drabble a day, everyday, on the many aspects of Love, in the Valentine Feature at the Burrow.

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GutsyWriter said...

I cannot believe we are both talking about surfers today. I filmed some in Newport Beach, California. I love your description. Like you, I have never tried surfing. My son loves it though.

Ann Elle Altman said...

Beautiful story.


Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Sonia - that is quite a coincidence, isn't it? Specially considering neither of us surf.

@ Ann - thanks


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