Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Valentine Project

In November 2008, we launched the website of the Burrow, and described ourselves thus -
In 2005, a random handful of internet users discovered that they shared a common interest: writing. The bunch began to frequent a virtual place called Café Steinbeck, where they presented and discussed poetry and short prose. The Café was closed when its administrator grew worried about the safety of the texts with regard to copyright infringement; the patrons, however, stayed in touch. Aside from their individual projects, these writers now team up as The Burrow for projects combining artwork with text, in which they express regionally and socially disparate, unique views on a shared topic. This website is their showcase.

We are now in our 16th month, and despite real life trying its best to derail us, our collaborations are still going strong. And we have already established traditions - the second February Valentine feature kicked off yesterday, with this drabble -

When I impulsively suggest going out for dinner, I find she has already researched restaurants. I decide on holiday destinations, she meticulously plans the trip. I love chopping vegetables, grating cheese and kneading dough, she enjoys putting elaborate meals together. She buys things for the house, I vacuum and dust and keep the house tidy. She needs me to help her locate her misplaced earrings, I cannot put my cuff-links on without her help.

My wife of thirty-five years! She completes my life. Without her, there is just half of me.

Without me, is there also only half of her?

A drabble a day, everyday, on the many aspects of Love, in the Valentine Feature at the Burrow.

Image - Half a Heart
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Anonymous said...

They complement each other .... great story.

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I enjoyed the story--thanks! I need to spend more time at the Burrow...y'all have got so many great stories there!

Mystery Writing is Murder

The Old Silly said...

Definitely compliment and complete each other. What a stimulating group to be part of!

Marvin D Wilson

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Thank you, Fiona, Elizabeth and Marvin.

Yes, I really don't know where I would be without the Burrowers.


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