Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How far is that?

I’d taken the kids to a birthday party after a long run. I looked as exhausted as I felt, and was quite out of place among the other mothers who’s expensive gym clothes had nary a crease or a sweat mark.
“You look tired. ” One of them tried to make polite conversation.
“I am”, I admitted. “Just back from a run.”
“Oh?”, she raised one eyebrow. “How much did you run?”
“Twenty-five kilometres.”
The number didn’t seem to register. I could have said 5 or 50, and had the same effect. Why do people have no concept of distances?
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Diandra said...

You should have included an example, such as, "That's the distance from here to XYZ and back." Sounds like boasting, but at least they get the correct idea.

Anonymous said...

Some people 'hear' but don't really 'listen'. This could be one of them...

Diandra's idea sounds good. Would give them a correct picture of the distance. :)

Jan Morrison said...

Or you could've answered 'why do you want to know?' or 'what's the longest distance you've run?' or the way you answered and then when you saw their eyes glaze over - 'you have no idea how far that is, do you?'
I'm in a biyatchy mood and would've made mincemeat of a comment like that today.

sue said...

I'm full of admiration! I walked 10 km last week and felt fantastic - looked sweaty and drab, but the feeling is wonderful. I wonder why some women wear gym clothing?

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - Wow! I am in awe! Interesting how that other mother didn't have a concept of exactly how far you ran. I think if there were something she could personally relate to, it might have meant more to her. For example, about the distance from the home where the birthday party was held to X place.

Chary Johnson said...

NO matter what that woman thinks (or in this case doesn't think), you are awesome. Twenty five kilometers is huge! That is about 15 1/2 miles! I can't even run two miles, maybe one. Not sure but you should be really proud of yourself. *glomps*


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