Saturday, December 31, 2011

Turning Forty

If I meet my 30 year old self, what would I tell her?

Would I tell her that 2 children and 10 years later, she will be fitter, stronger and slimmer than she dreams possible? Would I tell her that every difficult choice she makes will only lead her to yet another one, but that the journey will be well worth it? Would I tell her that she’ll not recognise who she will eventually become?

I would tell her all that. And one more thing I would tell her- to cherish who she is, because she is worth being cherished.

 Flashback 2011- February

The photograph, taken on Valentine's Day never fails to remind me that while diamonds may add to a girl's charms, nothing makes a woman as beautiful as experience. This photograph forms a part of my Pictoral Flashback of 2011.


Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - Oh, what a lovely post! I'm glad you have such wonderful things to tell your 30-year-old self, because you are a wonderful person :-). Happy New Year!

SueAnn said...

You are a good cheerleader!
Happy 40th!!

Better is Possible said...

Some good wisdom. Happy 40th! I always am intrigued by your posts. They provide me food for thought. It is lovely how they compel me to pause and reflect in such a busy life! Thank you for that gift.

Jemi Fraser said...

Great letter and advice! It's amazing what changes a decade can bring :)

Danette said...

Happy Birthday! Your post has me thinking similar thoughts now...


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