Monday, December 19, 2011

Sarita! Why did she have to die?

Sarita is the daughter of illiterate migrant workers, who used to attend the informal education centre at the construction site.
Four years back, she underwent a heart surgery. A couple of days back, she developed related complications. She was operated upon yesterday, but couldn't recover and passed away.
A brilliant student, Sarita could have accomplished anything she set out to do, instead, she ended up dead. Shouldn't clean water, basic sanitation, and health care a basic entitlement? Why should Sarita have to pay with her life for the crime of being born poor?
When will things change? Will they ever?

drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.

Read Sarita's story here.


Catherine Denton said...

So sad to hear this. She's beautiful.
Catherine Denton

Danette said...

I was just speaking of these things today with a coworker. I was angry that it's cheaper to get candy and chips than it is to get apples or freshly baked bread. So people die of malnutrition here because they can't afford to get good food or the healthcare they need. It's the same everywhere for the poor, although here in the States we have television that drugs the masses with stupidity and fools them into silence.

Things won't change until we rise up and make them change. The 1% won't give up anything they have in order to share with those who are born in poverty. They will never quit taking as long as there is more money for them to add to their bank accounts. We have to fight for change. All of us. Here in The States and there in India.

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - What a sad - a truly heartbreaking - story! It is awful to think of what children like this could have been had they lived and it does seem that things such as clean water and basic health career should be available to everyone. You've put this far more eloquently than I ever could...

Chuck said...

Very sad Rayna, very sad and helpless.


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