Sunday, December 25, 2011

Going up in flames

[This is a work of fiction]

My scream echoed off his retreating back. He walked away, leaving behind a hollow that was me.
I threw my memories into the fire. Photographs, and movie ticket stubs. Dried-up bouquets, and birthday cards. Chocolate wrappers, and glitzy wrapping paper. I wished I could throw myself in and let the flames engulf me. I couldn’t live without him. Wanted to join my cherished memories wherever they had gone.

I watch the candles burn. My one true love reaches out and touches my hand. I look up and smile. Would I have found him if the other one hadn’t left?
Poignant or humorous. Thought provoking or plain silly. A slice of life or a dramatic tale. Countdown to the New Year with a drabble a day, everyday only at The Burrow.


Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - Oh, that is a wonderful ending to this story! I love it! Sometimes things really do work out for the best, don't they?

Manasi said...

Rayna - Happy New Year to you and your loved ones... for me, this story is not just about relationships but also thats how i would looking at Time thats passing by... another beautiful year awaits while the current passes away. Beauty as my ever-growing eyes will see it...

By the way i have too many stories to share on the blog but i have reached my writer's block... did you ever feel so? if so, how did you overcome it? i still have a tag from you that i will write on one day soon...

Best wishes,


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