Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making a good impression

“What you must be thinking, I really don’t know”, she began, before launching into a long winded story about why she had been forced to leave her kids unsupervised while she ran errands. Frankly, I hadn’t even noticed, and even if I had, who am I to stand on judgement on how she chooses to conduct her life.

But to her it seemed to matter that I not think she is a bad mother.

Wonder why people spend so much time trying to make a good impression. Don’t they believe, others are too busy thinking about themselves to really care?

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Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - Interesting point! I think sometimes people try to justify their conduct to themselves, so they check for validation from others. If others have a good impression of them, then they must be doing the right thing...

Michele Emrath said...

I definitely do this, and think about it later. I don't know if we can help it. But I mentally call others out for doing it...

Hard but important not to judge.

Glad to read you again, Rayna!


SueAnn said...

I tell my grandkids this all the time. People are into themselves not you!!
Good to remember!


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