Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Childproof lids only children can open

You are woken up from your slumber by a whimpering kid. You hope it is just a nightmare, but he’s actually got fever.
You fumble with the childproof-lid. And fumble. And fumble some more.

“Mamma, my brother is crying. Do something.”
“One moment, I’m trying to open the bottle.”
“Shall I help?”
In desperation, I hand over the bottle, and he opens it. Mission accomplished, finally.

When all other syrups come with normal lids, forcing me to keep them on a shelf high out of reach, why should the relatively harmless anti-pyretic have a childproof lid only children can open?
drabble is a story told in exactly 100 words.


Erin Beyko said...

Happens to me all the time!

Jan Morrison said...

I know - I always think of my poor mother (gone nearly twenty years) who had terrible arthritis - and couldn't have opened one of those in a zillion years. Jeesh.

SueAnn said...

Boy that is so true!!! I have so many bottles that I keep up high because they have those child-proof lids and I have to keep them partially opened!! Sigh! Ridiculous!

Meera said...

That one is really a nightmare!

dipali said...



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