Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oye Oye

This story was written and illustrated by my not-yet-six-year old, who now calls himself "The Storyteller"-

There was a man. One day he was sleeping with the light on.
And up there was another man. This man turned off the light.
The man who was sleeping got up and said, "Oye, oye".
They both started laughing.

[It is one of his less complicated efforts - the normal stories have more twists and turns than a zig-zag line.]
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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Rayna, it's beautiful in its simplicity! I think he may become a mystery writer....WHY was the light on? Why did this other man turn it off? He's setting up the potential for later conflict in the story. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Rayna M. said...

@ Elizabeth - that is a thought! Wouldn't I love to have him become a mystery writer - my favourite genere by a long shot.

Patricia Stoltey said...

How fun to have such a young writer in the family. Be sure to save your son's first stories. He'll be able to use them on his website and blog when he's a published author. Interviewers always want to know, "When did you first become interested in writing?"

dipali said...


Galen Kindley--Author said...

Not only are there questions in the story, there is conflict, and new word coinage...I think, or am I not clued in to oye, oye???

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Chary Johnson said...

I love children's stories. They have such imagination and creativity at that age. Tell your son, "Great work!" Illustration is also beautiful. I see you have made his butterfly as your wallpaper. Nice touch!

Rayna M. said...

@ Patrica - you bet I will preserve it- physically and electronically. Never thought of he being able to use it on his blog when he is a writer, though.

@ Galen - "Oye, Oye" is a generic word both my son's use to cover a lot of situations. Their version of "hey", perhaps.

@ Chary - Will do. Till last week, he wanted to be a "drawer", but now he prefers to be a "storyteller". And I am so glad you noticed the wall paper!

@ dipali - thanks!

LABANAN said...

What an intriguing story. Both men seem so very satisfied with their lives! I like it alot. I'm going to think about it today and act accordingly instead of getting all upset because someone turns off the light or does any of a thousand other things that could annoy...I'll just say oye oye and laugh.

Rayna M. said...

@ Jane - That is a thought. We do have a lot to learn from our kids, don't we?

ritu said...

so beautiful and so natural! kids are so observant that they make you sit back and wonder!

Rayna M. said...

@ Ritu, kids are something else, aren't they?


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