Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This is very normal

“I cannot eat this”, said my son pushing his aubergine curry away. “It is too hot.”
“Wait for it to get cold”, I told him.
“Not that hot”, he corrected. “The other hot. Chilli hot.”
“But I didn’t even put any chillies.”
He was not buying that, and finally let himself be partially placated after I sprinkled sugar on the offending curry. Minutes after finishing dinner, he wolfed down an entire packet of fiery hot jalapeño flavoured wafers.
“And you don’t think this is hot?”, I asked him.
“Not at all”, he replied with a smile. “This is very normal.”

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rajk said...

Hi! I read almost all your posts but this is probably the first time I'm commenting.
My compliments on your beautiful, meaningful, insightful drabbles! I love them.
This one was so close to home that I had to write. Same story with my son...
Keep writing...because a hundred words are not enough...to read.


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