Thursday, September 13, 2012

Couldn't take a joke

He is a minor cartoonist. It was just a cartoon. Not even a particularly clever one- just a crudely drawn image where the tigers making-up the national emblem were replaced by blood-thirsty wolves.
The people in power took offence. They arrested him, accused him of sedition. His arrest became headline news. There was wide-spread public outcry.
He has now been released from custody. The entire nation has seen his cartoon. He has become a national hero. And all because the people in power couldn’t take a joke.
I wonder if they would have arrested him had they known the outcome? 


Arlee Bird said...

Judging from events in the world, there is a lack of sense of humor in the world and a lot of people in the world are elevating themselves and their beliefs way too much.

A Faraway View

Chuck said...

It's amazing what happens in countrys where there is no real freedom of expression. All the paranoia comes out in those with the power.

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - That unwillingness to to take things lightly that can be so dangerous if taken too far. And it always seems to me that it's a symptom of insecurity. How awfully sad...


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