Saturday, July 17, 2010

Monsoon Magic

The Monsoons hit Bombay a little over a month back, and are still going strong. Since I am working from home four days a week right now, I can enjoy the rains as they are meant to be enjoyed.

Here are a couple of photographs I took of the plants on my window sills.

More shades of green than I imagined possible on my Aloe vera

The twin of the building I live in reflected on a droplet clinging onto my tamarind.

I think they look like pearls, my son insists they are diamonds. Either way, the raindrops on my powderpuff flower are beautiful, and precious.

And a photograph, I have always dreamt of taking. A bit of stem, some leaves and a droplet....

... zooms to reveal, a building trapped in its fragile walls.

Is it raining where you are? Are the rains as divine?


Al said...

Great piccies! Thank you for sharing.

I will have to see what I can see in a raindrop.
Mind you there is a swan nesting around the corner, I guess I'll try to "capture" her tomorrow.

Mason Canyon said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the last one. We're in a heat wave in Georgia with temperatures reaching 100 degrees. Some parts of our town get rain yesterday, but we didn't. We're hoping for rain today.

Thoughts in Progress

LTM said...

absolutely beautiful! my fave is the building trapped in the raindrop...

No rain here--supposedly it's coming, but I think it prefers to hang out in the air. (humidity = 100%)

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - What wonderful 'photos! Just breathtaking! It actually doesn't rain very often here, so when it does, I celebrate it. Thanks for reminding me of how beautiful the rain can be : ).

Mary said...

I could stare at these for hours! BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks so much.
You get just as wet with 100% humidity so I think it should count as rain. LOL

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Al - nesting Swans!!! Wow. Just Wow.
And you can never know what you will find in a raindrop.

@ Mason- we served time March to May, so can bask in the coolth that the monsoons bring. Hope you get some rain too soon.

@ LTM - thank you. And 100% humidity can be quite a pain :-(

@ Margot- thank you. We have three "rainy" months in a year, and I enjoy them as much as I can.

@ Mary- no, thank You. Nothing pleases a photographer more than to have her photographs give pleasure. We had 100% humidity for two months before the rains, and that can be quite a pain :-(

Boonsong said...

Wonderful photos.
We have Aloe Vera in our garden and I like it a lot - but I never knew what it was called before visiting your blog. Thanks for educating me. Thanks for a fascinating post.

All the best, Boonsong

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Those are lovely, Rayna! I really have a thing for water in photos.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

It has been uncharacteristically rainy here for the past week or so. Everything is nice and green!

welcome to my world of poetry said...

These are really outstanding photo's Rayna, so beautiful to look at.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Occasional rain, but it's hot and humid.

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Your photos are enchanting! Thank you so much for posting them.

Tina said...

Stunning. I was amazed by the reflection of the building in that drop of water. What an artists eye you have. I never would have noticed that.

Anonymous said...

It rained hard a few days ago. Monsoon. Now its hot and dry again. I love pictures of water on plants. Very cool.

Stephen Tremp

RosieC said...

Fantastic shots! I love them.

It just started raining here, but it's nothing like with the monsoons. Enjoy :)

Cruella Collett said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous pictures. The drop with the building is nothing less than brilliant.

Our rain (which has been lurking not far away for a few days) is nowhere near as pretty!

RA said...

Amazing images, Rayna! Rain makes me happy... :)

Chary Johnson said...

Just gorgeous. I love when you share pics of your flowers.

Theres just life said...

Get pictures. And I agree with everyone else that the building in the raindrop is fantastic. We have been having a lot of rain here in Texas USA and everything is very green and over grown. We can't seem to keep up with the weeding and mowing between showers.

Ellie said...

Beautiful pics; I posted something similar the other day~ Love these!

Diandra said...

These are beautiful pictures!

At this time of the year, our rains aren't pretty. They are more like nature beating us up. But I enjoy them, really. We live on top of a mountain, and I can see all the lightning from really close. (^v^)

Patricia Stoltey said...

No, you are definitely the champion of unique and gorgeous photos, Rayna, including of plants and flowers. Your photos inspire me and make me want to learn more.

Doli said...

"zooms to reveal, a building trapped in its fragile walls." amazing snaps esp that one :)

slommler said...

Rains are divine...but unfortunately, no rains here yet. And we need it, desperately. Your photos are fabulous. Love the droplet ones!!

dipali said...

Absolutely beautiful photographs!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Boonsong- Aloe is a useful plant to know about. The sap is a very good anticeptic- pluck one of the leaves and apply it to your wound if it is a particularly bad one.

@ Diane- water in photographs is wonderful, isn't it?

@ Debra- nice and green. Can anything be better?

@ Yvonne - thank you.

@ Alex- we went through hot and humid, then graduated to very hot and humid. Glad it is now cool.

@ Elspeth- thank you.

@ Tina- I have always been fascinated by the refractions- but never been able to capture it on a camera. They are stunning, aren't they?

@ Stephen- thank you. Your weather seems lovely too.

@ RosieC- thanks for visiting. I guess tropical downpours are much stronger!

@ Cruella- thank you. Yes, rains in India are pretty. But you do better thunderstorms (and thunderstorm stories).

@ RA - it does me too. Thank, you.

@ Chary- thank you. Perhaps I need to start photographing other flowers - have run out of mine :-(

@ Theres just life- here, we don't bother doing anything in the rains- not worth it, because everything is only going to grow back again.

@ Ellie- what do you think inspired me to post these pictures? You have some fantastic photographs in that post.

@ Diandra- thank you. And I loved your description of your weather. Wish I could come there for a season.

@ Patricia- thank you, but you are really fantastic. It was some of the flower photographs that you posted last year, that inspired me to keep trying.

@ Doli- thank you. *blushes*

@ SueAnn - your part of the world really cherishes the rains too, doesn't it?

@ dipali- thank you.


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