Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yes, I am so lucky

“Seeing you after a very long time. You haven’t been coming to the gym regularly, have you?”
“Quite”, I cheerfully agreed. “I think was here last six weeks back.”
“Me too. I just can’t find time to go to the gym.”

Ten minutes later.
“Everytime I am forced to take a break, I lose my stamina completely. I had started jogging for a few minutes, but now I can’t do it any longer.”
“You are so lucky. You have not come for so long, and yet you are able to jog.”
“I haven’t come to the gym, but I have been running two to three times a week.” She looked most perplexed, so I explained. “I get half an hour between leaving the kid off at 7:25, and the hubby leaving for work just before 8. The gym is too crowded so I go to the park.”
“Which park?”
“The public park around the corner. It has a pretty decent track, and jogging there is better than doing nothing.”

She was totally aghast – how could any self respecting person shun a gym and go to a public park instead? But if the gym is too crowded, and I don’t have any other window in which to exercise, do I really have a choice?

“You are really lucky, you have time to exercise. Immediately after leaving the kids off, I have to send my husband off, then the maid comes in, and by the time I have cleaned the house and taken a bath, it is time to fetch the kids. I wish I had time to exercise, like you do.”

For a change, I was totally speechless!!!

And I guess I am lucky. Lucky because I know how to create my own luck.


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