Thursday, July 2, 2009

The tart, the sweet

The tart draws you in. You notice the underlying sweet only much later. With a pinch of salt you have something divine – a trinity of tastes, a texture the tongue can caress forever.
“Pine-yaa-pul” is one of the first words I remember uttering – I’d seen it on a hoarding. A golden yellow bear endorsing a pineapple drink that must never have even taken off.
It was a fruit I rarely ate- the thorns often left the mouth covered with tiny cuts. But in the hands of an expert, the fruit can be a treat for the eyes and the tongue.
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Watery Tart said...

You KNOW the tart loves this. (and I love pineapple) but all the talk of tarts that are sweet... well I couldn't resist...

Carnimire said...

The Tart should love this, specially since she comes with more than a dash of sweet.


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