Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's with the weather in Bombay

What’s it with the weather in Bombay this year?
When it was hot, and we yeaned for a single shower to bring the temperatures down, there was no respite. Water levels fell in our lakes, animals rarely ventured out of the shade, plants needed watering twice a day. Even florists felt the need to wrap their tender blooms in newsprint to keep them fresh.
Days when all the atmospheric conditions pointed unerring towards rain remained dry, and the temperature went from hot to hotter to hottest and then hotter still.
“It is so hot, the first week of June will see the onset of the monsoons”, predicted the pundits self-proclaimed or otherwise. And wilting in the heat, we chose to believe them.

First week of June – no premature monsoons.
Second week of June – no normal monsoons.
Third week of June – still no sign of the monsoons.

The delayed monsoons finally hit in the fourth week of June. But once the clouds opened up, there was no holding back. Normally, the monsoons start with one week of almost continuous rainfall, after which it only rains three or four evenings out of seven. Two days of waterlogging is the norm, three the maximum.

Five weeks into the monsoons, I remember only two days when it did not rain. We’ve had at least one day a week where waterlogging has disrupted life in the city. The only good thing about this monsoon is that the catchments areas are getting their fair share of rain, so the city may survive another year without dying of thirst.

Going my past experience, I wonder if I should pull out my knitting needles in preparation for winter.
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Galen Kindley--Author said...

Interestingly, my wife and I were discussing the odd weather patterns just yesterday. We concluded that the weather is bizarre everywhere and that it's "The End of Days." Just kidding. But the weird everywhere part is serious. For example, just today, a TV station's weather department is--for the first time EVER--forecasting 100 degree temperatures for normally mild Seattle. And trust me, the people there are freaked out. Most homes have no air conditioner's always so mild. Go figure.

Best Regards, Galen
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AMIT said...

hey in Mumbai weather i mean rain weather is just lovely.I hope to enjoy Mumbai rains.

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Carnimire said...

The weather has gone crazy everywhere, hasn't it? It was something like the Seattle story for us last winter - it got really cold here, but nobody even had woolies, because it never gets cold enough in Bombay for woolies.


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