Thursday, July 9, 2009

I will go to Infiniti Mall

The three-year old was being his normal stubborn self.
“If you don’t behave yourself, no more Infiniti Mall for you.”
“Yes, I will go to Infiniti Mall.”
“We wouldn’t take you.”
“If you don’t take me, I’ll go to on my own.”
“And how will you do that?”
“I’ll get on an auto, and tell him to take me to Infiniti Mall. And when I am there, I will go on all the rides. I will do all the rides, even the rides you don’t let me go on.”

We didn’t know whether to be amused, amazed or plain scared.



dipali said...

All of the above!
Hello from this new reader.

Carnimire said...

I guess we were a little bit of all three.

Kids are quite incredible, aren't they?


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