Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't wait for symptoms

“Do you suffer from fatigue?”
“Are you bothered by unexpected weight loss or weight gain?”
“Are you forgetful, or have problem focusing?”

The list of questions that tell you that you are suffering a thyroid imbalance is almost endless. And practically none of it seems to apply to me – sure I am irritable, but I have been so as long as I can remember.

And yet, when I had to get my thyroid levels checked before the surgery, they were found to be way out of the normal range. I have apparently been suffering from a thyroid imbalance for a fairly long time, without even being aware of it.

Were it not for what we thought would be fairly routine tests carried out prior to the surgery, I would never even have suspected. And this to a person who has in the last three months advised two separate people to get their thyroid levels checked since she thought their weight gain could not be explained in any other way.

Frankly, I am not at all sure if I would have ever believed it if a person who can run 10 kms without pushing herself too much had told me she suffered from a thyroid imbalance. And yet, I do. And not a borderline case either.

All I can hope is that others are not as careless as me, and they get their medical tests done whether or not they feel something is wrong with them. As for me, I guess the one good thing about the illness is that I have now learnt how much else is wrong with my body.

So, please. Don't wait for symptoms, get yourself checked.


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