Friday, July 3, 2009

The Assignment

It was a tough assignment. My son was supposed to write about a recreation activity involving water that was not aquarium, water park, swimming, fishing, sailing, boating, water polo, surfing, skiing or scuba diving.

It takes a lot to stump me, but this assignment did - the list seemed comprehensive.
Yatching? But would that not come under sailing?
Going on a cruise? But while that involved being on a ship that was at sea, it did not directly involve water, did it?
Maybe something super specialised like snorkeling?

The kid was impatient to start, so I started reading the assignment out to him. When, by way of explaining it, I asked him what his favourite passtime involving water was, he blurted out "splashing in puddle".

So I asked him to illustrate it, which he happily did-

If the teacher wants to be very technical about it, she could argue that splashing through puddles, though fun, was not exactly 'recreation'. But then by the same logic, I would classify a visit to the aquarium as 'educative' than 'recreation'.

I don't care how this assignment gets graded, I am proud of my son for getting his priorities right. Puddles are more fun than overcrowded water parks.

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Cruella Collett said...

Who is she to decide what is and what is not recreation? Surely that is as individual as "something pretty" or "something funny"?

And I absolutely LOVE the picture!

Bubbly Bala said...

Was this his weekend assignment.I am really impressed by the quality of the stuff.This school is going to be good for him. And it makes the parents put on their thinking caps too.How I wish I could teach in a school like this.

His handwriting is impoving every day.So neat.You never wrote so well when you were his age And to think that just a year back he was struggling with his alphabets.Hope he keeps on improving like this

Carnimire said...

@ Mari - it is, isn't it? Recreation should be something you do when you want to relax because it gives you satisfaction, isn't it? By which logic, splashing through puddles IS fun.

@Mamma - yes, it was the weekend assignment, and they make parents work pretty hard too. Which is a good thing, I think.


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