Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unqualified fun

My kids have been wanting to go to Infiniti Mall for ages, and I finally gave in on Sunday.
They were visiting after a long time, so had fun. But, it was fun with a but…
There were tantrums when the younger one was not allowed into the jungle gym because he was half an inch too short. There were long faces when I made them choose between two rides instead of allowing them both. And they were a little upset that I did not let them pick up yet another Spiderman movie.
By the time I got home, I was wondering if the expedition was even worth it.

In the evening, it rained. We slipped on our raincoats and went down to play. The playground was deserted, so the kids got to ride the swings for over half an hour. They loved stretching their legs out and feeling the raindrops fall on the bare skin. They enjoyed the cool air brushing past them. I introduced them to the fresh smell the earth gives out when rainwater strikes it. We sang “Raindrops keep falling on our head”, and tried to catch the drops on our tongue.

We had much more fun than we have ever had at the Mall. Why then do the kids consider that the greatest treat?


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