Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Birthday Gift

An overloaded work week, too long with too little sleep, trains more crowded than normal, slushy underfoot. I was in a really bad mood when I got home, and when the kids got into the act, I could take it no longer.

“I have had enough”, I told them without shouting. “It is my birthday today, and I have been given a gift. I have been told that I can leave the two of you and become the Mamma of two really nice, well behaved children. You will then get a new Mamma, a bad Mamma, who keeps your hands and feet tied up all day, and never lets you watch TV. Do you want that Mamma, or do you want me. If you want me, you come to me and promise you will be nice boys who listen to what I say.” I walked out of the room.

Minutes later, the older one came to me and said, “Happy Birthday, Mamma. I love you. I am sorry.”
“Thank you. But I don’t want any sorries. All I want is for you to decide if you want to keep me or if you want the other Mamma.”

A few minutes later, he was back again. “Sorry , Mamma.”
“You don’t have to be. Just discuss things with your brother and tell me if you want me or not.”

Ten minutes later, he was back again, with his drawing book.

“This is your birthday gift, Mamma. This is you”, he said pointing to the colourful figure. “And this is the two of us playing happily inside you.”

I looked up at him. His eyes were expectant, apprehensive. I hugged him tight. Told him he was the bestest child any mother could hope to have.

Sometimes a picture speaks more than all the words in the world put together.

It was the best Birthday gift that anyone could hope for.
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Bubbly Bala said...

Preserve this precious gift no amount of money can buy.

Carnimire said...

I am planning to get it either framed or laminated.
Gave myself quite a shock yesterday, though, when I couldn't find it anywhere. It had managed to make its way to the old newspaper pile.


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