Monday, June 22, 2009

Adenium obesum

Flowers I always knew were created not so much for the aesthetic appeal they held, but because on pollination, they produced seeds which eventually grew into new plants.

City living must, however, have made me forget this, because when I first found green pods on my adenium, my reaction was equal parts surprise and shock. The pods grew, matured, and one fine day my spare room was full of seeds that I eventually traced to the adenium pods.

I wonder how many of them, I any, will germinate.

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rsrawat47 said...

Transplant them after they sprout four leaves. Ensure that the soil is suitable. You are lucky you are at Mumbai where the weather is favorable. Good luck

Carnimire said...

Thanks for the tip, Rajender.

The seeds have germinated, and I am now waiting for the next set of leaves.

I would love to be able to grow the plant from seed.

A picture of the seedlings is at


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