Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I only see you solving Suduko...

“This time I am the only one not staying over at the workshop”, I told the hubby conversationally.
“Why don’t you stay? I can take care of the kids for one night”, he offered generously (and slightly rashly).
“Are you sure you can manage?”, I asked, unconvinced.
“Of course. They will be eating at the Daycare wouldn’t they. It shouldn’t be too difficult.”
I thought about it for a bit.
“But the kids have school the next day. Which means you have to wake the older one up at 6:15, feed him his cornflakes, get him into his school uniform, and put him into the school bus. That shouldn’t be too hard, except the part where you have to wake him up,” I thought aloud.
“The younger one needs only to be left at Daycare, but you need to ensure that you deposit his uniform and school bag. The second day would be a bit more complicated because you would also have to fill his water bottle, and make sure his lunch box is packed.”
“You definitely would not be able to prepare their lunch boxes, but I suppose I could do two sets of three lunch boxes before I leave. But even then, you need to make sure you do not miss packing them.”
“And you’d need to check their diaries for any messages that may be sent, and take out the lunch boxes and water bottles and put them for washing. Perhaps even start the washing machine if there are too many clothes.”
“No, I don’t think you would be able to manage all of it. None of it is complicated in itself, but you can’t afford to forget any of them. If I stay over, I would only be worrying about whether everything has been done. Don’t think it is at all worth it.”
By then, the hubby had almost stopped listening. “When do you do all this?”, he asked awestruck. “I only see you solving suduko in the morning.”
“I wake up much before you do. That is the only way I can get everything done, and have a few moments to myself”, I explained. “Why else do you think I am asleep or half-asleep by the time you get home?”
Am I imagining it, or have things been a little different since?



Watery Tart said...

Fabulous! Though for me it is a reminder to appreciate my husband, as he has always done the majority of these things at our house (and manages to still do the crossword each morning). But I would never survive (or feed my children) without him. If they are HOME then they remind me. If they are headed out for the day, it completely leaves my head.

Natasha Ramarathnam said...

The other side of the coin!


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