Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dowdy no more

I just had to mention how dowdy the women in my younger one's school made me feel, and a whole bunch of friends swung into action.
Here are just some of the comments it got -

"Well there are people who buy $100 sweat suits... but you don't want to be them. And the women who do their hair just to drop their kids off need to get a life."

"It takes all kinds. And for the non-parlour kinds (like us), that is a world of waste. We probably look like beasts. But, what the heck, we love what we are doing..."

"Hey join the club - on the days that I do manage to go and pick up or drop Tara I feel so frumpy it is not funny ….we dont feel like real women just by visiting parlours! It takes a lil mores ubstance than that."

"…they might be going just cause they have nothing else to do ...everyone wants to be busy some way ..."

"Life after all, is not a Revlon ad :-D

But, what the heck! I for one, would def like to escape, albeit once in a whole, to being a character in a book! I like feel good movies. Feel good books. feel good foods. feel good beverages! ahem!
Then why not a feel good session! he he he he"

If I had not already gotten over being made to feel so dowdy, I would have definitely done so after hearing what my friends had to say. These are women who lead fulfilled lives, and if they go to the parlour regularly, it is to relax and rejuvenate, rather than to primp themselves up. I am in the company I would like to be in.

Strangely, while I never seem to have time to visit a parlour, if you count the time spent on physical fitness as time spent in the pursuit of physical perfection, I probably clock in more hours than the manicured crowd!


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