Friday, January 31, 2014

Finding bling: Day 29 of #100happydays

When we moved to our new house, I tried to make a place for everything.  The books were arranged according to genre. All my DIY stuff went into a drawer, the photographs were arranged in another. I had a functional medicine chest. I was arranged, super arranged, by my standards.
And then I had to dig deep into the first aid box for some plaster, and I found a strand of beads that I stuck in there, because it didn’t go anywhere else. I put it on at once. Isn’t it wonderful to find something you are not looking for.
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Margot Kinberg said...

Oh it is, indeed, Natasha! And that's lovely! Thanks for sharing.

... said...

yes indeed, i am lost and i know it. i hope i will be able to find myself before its too late...


Natasha said...

@ Margot- thank you for stopping by.

@ Manasi- You will. To know you are lost is the first step towards finding yourself.


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