Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Waiting for the Sun- Day 19 of #100happy days

The hubby had an early morning flight to catch, and after seeing him off, I made myself a steaming mug of coffee, and curled up with a good book, intending to watch the sun rise. I finished the mug, and another, but the sun was nowhere in sight. There was a light drizzle. It was a beautiful winter day - a wrap yourself in a woolen shawl kind of day- one we dream of but rarely get in Bombay.
I wished the morning could last forever.
And yet, I worry. About climate change and where it will eventually lead us.
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Margot Kinberg said...

I think a lot about climate change too, Natasha. Still, taking the time to just savour a rainy morning? How wonderful!

Raige Creations said...

I love the picture!
makes me want a cup of coffee, a nice open window, and a good book!


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