Monday, January 30, 2012

Growing up with Choice

“What do you want to be?”, the class of graduating high-school students was asked. Among the teachers, doctors, engineers, and civil servants, a lone voice said, “a good housewife”. Unambitious though she seemed, she probably had a better understanding of her destiny than the rest.
The first generation of women in their community to go to school, few of them would be allowed to travel to the nearest city either for higher studies or to work. Within a year of graduation most of them would end up married.
But they can ensure that the next generation grows up with Choice.
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Hart Johnson said...

This is such a great reminder not to take those choices for granted. Then again, in the US it requires two incomes to get by so mom and housewife is a choice denied some of us (not that that would have been my calling, but it also wasn't an option).

I miss you, Natasha!

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - Such important food for thought about the options we have. Thanks! And even if "a good housewife" doesn't seem ambitious, if someone actively chooses to do that, it's a calling, too. The key is that there be options.

SueAnn said...

Hooray for choice!! Well said


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