Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dreams do come true

When I first spoke to her six months back, she could barely walk 5 kilometers. But she had a dream- to run the half-marathon. I knew it was possible- four years back, hadn’t I made a similar journey in much less time? More importantly, she believed it she could do it.

Life interfered. Her training went haywire. But she still pinned on her bib and turned up at the start line. Her knees almost gave way, but she didn’t give up. Five hours after she started, she crossed the finish line.

If you believe in yourself, dreams do come true.
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Jan Morrison said...

Yes, put the p in front of luck and you have the magic recipe to make dreams come true! thanks for this dear Natasha - and I love the photo.

SueAnn said...

Such an inspiration!!


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