Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Congregation is Dwindling

Christmas Decorations, 2009
 Four years back, when we moved to our current home, Christmas at the parish church was a huge affair. The Nativity Scene was beautiful, and each of the paper stars was a work of art. The following year, the celebrations were toned down, but I blamed it on the fact that the city was still recovering from the recent Terror Attacks. Last year, the decorations were slightly better, but this year, they are virtually non-existent.

One can't escape reality- the congregation is dwindling. People are either moving away, or just don't care anymore. Isn't it sad when that starts happening?

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Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

It is sad to see it happening. With the economic stress of so many I would think they'd turned to the comfort of religion.

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - So much of human health, stability, happiness and evolution comes as we develop bonds with others. So when those bonds are broken for any reason, yes, that is very, very sad...

LTM said...

I think so. It also makes me sad when I see small, local businesses closing. I guess change is inevitable, but it's disheartening when it's a loss of faith...

Here's hoping more positive changes occur... Happy New Year, my friend! :o) <3

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is really sad!

Tina said...

It is sad. I agree with Susan, now is the time to increase our faith and share it with others. Stressful times are exactly when we should "bind us together in love" as the old hymn says. We are stronger together than individually, and need to reach out and help where we can.

Jemi Fraser said...

It's hard to watch good traditions change.

Hope you enjoy a positive and wonderful new year!

Clarissa Draper said...

Christmas has become so materialistic in recent years that many have stopped celebrating it altogether. Or, they just spend time with family and forget the gifts all together.

slommler said...

Yes! It is very sad! I too agree with Susan..Now is the time to come together. To be strong for each other. To hold each other up! To bring joy and friendship!!!
Let us hope their hearts are touched to remember and return to one another.
Happy New Year hun

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Susan - and even if they don't do that, I would expect them not to turn away. And in just a few years.

@ Margot - I am not particularly religious, have never been. But when you find people turning away from community centric activities, it is sad.

@ Leigh - it is really sad when things end, for whatever reason. Specially if they are forced to end, rather than ending out of choice.

@ Alex - very.

@ Tina - precisely. It is when times are bad that we need others. Very sad when we don't have it.

@ Jemi - extremely. And in such a short time. Change over a few decades is only to be expected.

@ Clarissa - if they are celebrating with family, it would not be so bad, I guess.

@ SueAnn - I too hope they have found something as enriching to replace it.


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