Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are People Really Dishonest?

"Are you sure you are quoting the right fare", I asked the auto-driver.
"Don't you know the fares have gone up", he replied, thrusting his rate card at me. "I am not overcharging. See!"
I glanced at it. I had been right after all. "You are not overcharging me", I explained. "You are undercharging me."
I paid the fare and got off. He continued to stare at me.
"In all my twelve years of driving an auto", he said, "nobody has ever done this."

This could not have been the first time he undercharged someone. Are people really that dishonest?

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Danette said...

That is funny-- how hilarious that he was undercharging you and you thought he was overcharging you! I am still laughing...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes. Yes they are.

Margot Kinberg said...

Rayna - You showed your character by acknowledging that you were being undercharged and making it right. Sadly, I think lots of people would take advantage of a situation like that. You did not; your boys are fortunate to have you as a role model.

Margot Kinberg said... Rayna, you should probably check my latest blog post...

Tina said...

Yes, unfortunately they are. When we were remodeling our first house, we filled a shopping cart with various items. At the bottom of the cart was the new toilet. When I heard the total, I said to the cashier, "Are you sure that's right? Seems kinda low." "Of course it's right! We have great prices!" So we went to the car, loaded all our stuff, and I studied the receipt. They hadn't charged us for the toilet. I went back in and tried to explain it to the cashier. She said, "I don't have time to mess with this. Just go!" Um, ok. Thanks for the almost $200 toilet...

Talli Roland said...

Another great drabble. I love that you are so honest.

Anu said...

oh yes, people are! one of my auto drivers complained too.... but the thing is that with the changed fares no one has any idea of the right fare... many auto drivers themselves show rate cards with jacked up fares, so if one of them asks us for less, we tend to think that he is charging the right fare!!

Holly Ruggiero said...

Sadly they are.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Very sad that this may be-honesty being the best policy doesn't always mean it's an often used policy.

Faith said...

This story made me smile. Honesty is so rare these days, it seems.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sadly, yes. If someone gives me the wrong change or forgets an item on the dinner bill, I always let them know. Most of the time, they are stunned I'd say anything.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

You sure shocked him!

Aleta said...

I think you did a wonderful thing. It's something that Greg would have done too.

Grammy said...

Dear Rayna,
I am so glad that there are still honest people in the world (all over the world). I really liked your story. Merry Christmas to you and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.
Ruby Young

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

So many people are dishonest. I try to set an example for my kids on things just like that. I can't believe how many people lie about their children's ages to keep them a cheaper rate for things.

Jemi Fraser said...

I would hope most people are honest - although I'm sure some didn't notice the undercharge. I hope.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story! I don't think everyone is dishonest - could just be that they really think he is charging the right price.

Have a great Christmas (if you celebrate)...

rama said...

Hi, It has been along time, how are you, very busy?
How is the weather in your side of the world?
I really love your short and crisp blogs.I am so glad you paid him the right rate. My husband too would always read the total and many times he has found that the cashier had forgotten to charge for a particular things and he would bring it to their notice, and pay for it.
But with people like Kalmadi and Raja around I do fear for the future of our country.
Merry Christmas!!

slommler said...

Unfortunately they sure are!! Sad!
Merry Christmas and hugs

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm often guilty of not paying attention, not even watching as someone counts out my change. I suspect more people of that than dishonesty.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Danette - that was funny. He got to aggressive about it too.

@ Debra - such a pity. If more people were honest, wouldn't we all be better off?

@ Margot - I earn so much more than he does- how could I even think of cheating him? The extra amount means much more to him than to me.
And if that is the only thing they learn from me, I hope my kids learn honesty from me.

@ Tina - that's a huge amount for them to write off. I just can't beleive it.

@ Talli - Roland said...
Another great drabble. I love that you are so honest.

@ Anu - tell me about the fake fare cards! But before the fare hike, the conversion was easier.
People justify it by saying auto drivers are dishonest, but if we take it out on others, are we any better?

@ Holly - such a pity.

@ Oddyoddyo13 - such a pity too.

@ Faith - and yet, it is something that we should take for granted.

@ Alex - it is so sad when people are surprised when they encounter honesty.

@ Diane - that I did.

@ Aleta - I think you would have too, if I know you at all.

@ Grammy - thank you. And I will drop by soon.

@ Susan - I once saw a mother doing that, and her child called out her lie. Good for the kid.

@ Jemi - I hope that too.

@ Fiona - I would love to belive that. Some dishonest people I can live with, but not so many.

@ Rama - that is a point. When people cheat in crores, they make it okay for others to cheat in rupees. Such a pity.
And good for your husband- may his tribe increase.

@ SueAnn- such a pity.

@ Patricia - not paying attention is what I am often guilty of too!!!


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