Saturday, May 22, 2010

Water for Plants

I am filled with amazement everytime I pass this garden.
An entire family lives in the one room shack- there is barely enough room for them all to lie down comfortably in at night. The only water the family knows is from the drums that are filled with water bought from tankers every alternate day.

And yet, they have potted plants on the corrugated sheet that makes up the roof of their house, and they share the little water they have with the plants. If that is not love for plants, I don't know what is.


Wanda said...

Love it is. One can always improve were they are by adding a little bit of nature.

Jan Morrison said...

I like this, Natasha. I love all the attention people go to for such ephemeral things. Beauty is essential even in the most humble of places.

Jaydee Morgan said...

Liked this :) Sometimes the smallest things can give us hope and bring us happiness.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Every home needs a touch of life and beauty.

Mason Canyon said...

A little nature is always nice. Looks like lemon grass in some of the pots.

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Watery Tart said...

I'm curious if any of these plant are edible, or if they are just... for beauty and nature (and oxygen). If they are strictly aesthetic, that is TOTALLY amazing... if they add to food, it is still darned resourceful...


A wonderful example of someone loving nature, albiet short of much needed water themselves.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

It's difficult to imagine living like that.

Clarissa Draper said...

Do you know what I think is great? The fact that the plants are directly under the laundry. Perhaps whatever water drips off the clothes fall in the plants. I have some of those plants at my house, not on my roof but I like them.


Trudy said...

Wow, that is a nature lover for sure..amazing!

I have tagged you in a meme over at my blog if you would like to participate. It's ok if you'd rather not though.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend Rayna!

God bless!

aLmYbNeNr said...

Wow, how wonderful!

By the way, I have an award for you over here!
Have a lovely weekend!

slommler said...

That is awesome and beautiful! To love the act of tending and nourishing with such a valuable asset. I am in awe!

Joy said...

You see this a lot where I live too. :) Women, in particular, nurture not only their children, but an array of plantlife.

Jay said...

What a wonderful post.
They seem like a wonderful family.
Thank you for sharing.
-Home business

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Wanda - totally agree. The difference a few plants make

@ Jan - so true. And watering plants can be almost meditative

@ Jaydee/ Debra - totally agree. We can all do with a bit of extra beauty

@ Mason - it is lemon grass. Which is strange, because it is neither native to India, nor used in our cuisine

@ Tami - some of those give flowers that are used for worship, but none of them is to eat. Yes, purely spiritual or aesthetic

@ Yvonne - amazing, itsn't it

@ Alex - I've lived in India all my life. Worked in the social sector for over 8 years, but still find it hard to believe people actually live like that

@ Clarissa - never thought of that. They are smart

@ Trudy - it is, isn't it?

@ Amber - thank you

@ SueAnn - it is really amazing, isn't it?

@ Joy - where they get the time and energy, I will never know

@ Jay - you are welcome


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