Monday, August 10, 2009

Will the good times take off?

Barely a week after my surgery, we were back in hospital. This time it was the (nearly) six-year old.
A niggling cough that nobody noticed because his younger brother had a full blown case of viral fever. A runny nose that meant nothing, because his nasal orifice has been running a marathon since the beginning of the monsoons. Fever that shot up with practically no notice. Febrile convulsions early in the morning, a rush to the emergency room.

Luckily my mother and father-in-law had come down to help during the surgery and recovery, so we were not short of helping hands as we had been the last time he had to be hospitalised. But since it is the third attack of convulsions in three years, the son needs to be put through a battery of tests to rule out epileptic convulsions.

The weekend I should have spent recuperating at home, was spent in hospital – I can only hope the lack of rest does not get to me later. The younger one is angsty because just when he got his mother back home, his best buddy disappeared. And of course, the older one doesn’t want to spend a day more in hospital, specially since the IV-line is on the hand he normally colours with.

But maybe, this is the end of the stream of bad luck. Maybe now the good times will take off like this plane I saw from the terrace of the hospital. I would like to hope so - after all, what have you left when you take away hope?
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Galen Kindley--Author said...

Well, I’m here to confirm that this is absolutely the end of the bad luck. Period. It’s gonna get better, and it’s starting right now.

How do I know? Because only so many bad things happen to good people. You’ve had your share, been tested and found worthy. You’re valuable. Others need you. This last episode is it. It’s up hill from here…count on it.

Best Regards, Galen
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Doli said...

Such a lovely blog :) I just finished reading all your posts. You seem like such an accomplished gardener knowing everything about plants and flowers. I am so impressed

Cruella Collett said...

I'm so sorry all the bad things seem to go your way at the moment, Natasha, but I'm gonna agree with Galen - it will get better! Again there isn't much more I can do than offer my warm and supportive thoughts from the other side of the Earth (albeit a different other side than usual), but at least I do that. Looking forward to hearing that the good times start taking off any day now!

Chary Johnson said...

Natasha, I am so sorry. My son had febrile convulsions as a child also. He has since grown out of them. Matter of fact, the last time was when he was five. I hope that this is the case with your oldest.

Take care sweetheart.


dipali said...

I hope you and your son are both fine now, and that there are no more hospital visits for your family for a long time to come.
Have you got the test results?
Take care.

Carnimire said...

@Galen - I am going to believe you because I want to believe you, and I need to believe you. Thanks!

@Cruella - the good thing about bad things happening together is that though the depths are deeper, they get over faster. Or at least, I hope so.

@Chary - I too hope it is just febrile convulsions (his third episode in as many years), and since it has always been accompanied by fever, I think it is. But the doctors want to rule out epileptic convulsions, and to be honest, I would be a happier person once the tests are done.

@dipali - the MRI came out normal, but the EEG can only be done two weeks after he comes off medications. By the end of the month, we should know.

@Doli - I am totally self-taught when it comes to plants, but I am quite crazy about them.


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