Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glass bangles

Glass bangles are for little girls. A dozen tinkling on either arm as they play house house during the summer vacation.
Glass bangles are for teenage girls. Multicoloured ones that exactly match the colours of the swirling skirts they go dancing in.
Glass bangles are for the newly wed. The bright green glass loudly proclaiming the change in marital status.
Glass bangles are for pregnant women. Green and red ones that mark the third trimester, and are symbolically broken just before giving birth.

Glass bangles are not for older women! Who said so? Is vanity the prerogative only of the young?
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dipali said...

The tinkle of bangles is so evocative!
No age bar on this:)

Rayna M. said...

@dipali - glass bangles are lovely, aren't they. Wonder why more people don't wear them more often.

Incidentally, Rayna is me, Natasha/ Carnimire. I stopped using my real name when I found people from professional life mentioning things that they could only have got by lurking here. Carnimire was a temporary thing -I am much happier with Rayna M, which derives from my kids' names.

dipali said...

Rayna, what does Carnimire mean?
Hope you are doing well, and that your son is okay now. Re your comment in Gouri's post, I sincerely love Sheila Dhar. Hope you enjoyed the book!

Rayna M. said...

Carnimire is Elven for "A red coloured jewel - Ruby". A friend of mine who 'learnt' Elven after Lord of the Rings was making customised names for all of us - I wanted to be "Jewel" since "Ratna(m)" is a part of my father and my hubby's name, and Red Jewel is what resonated most with me.

And yes, Raag 'n' Josh is easily the best book of its kind that I have read. Actually, there are no other books that I have read of the same 'kind' as hers. She is really wonderful.

dipali said...

Yes,I have it in it's original avatar of
'Here's Someone I'd like you to Meet' and 'The Cooking of Music".
She's someone I wish I'd really known.


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