Thursday, August 6, 2009

Public displays of affection

PMaybe I am just imagining it, but ever since the verdict on Section 377, the number of same sex couples in Bombay seems to have shot up dramatically.

When I drove through Bandra Reclamation the other day, I found that three out of ever four couples were same sex pairings. Since I haven’t been to the Reclamation for over five years, I could not tell if this is a recent phenomenon, or if the place had been catering to a niche clientele for awhile.

But there is definitely an increase in the number of men holding hands in public.

In a nation where public displays of affection are frowned upon, I wonder how long the honeymoon will be allowed to last, before same-sex couples are pushed underground too.

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Galen Kindley--Author said...

Hmmm. Well, I'm pretty open minded about this, Or, I hope I am. Not sure why the world wants to legislate against love, but, apparently it does. A good relationship is hard enough to sustain, no matter the gender matchup.

I'm wishing good luck to all couples, no matter their orientation or preference.

Best Regards, Galen
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Watery Tart said...

It's so interesting to me how culturally different India is. So for instance... is it frowned on for teen couples just to HOLD HANDS (I'm talking hetero at the moment, just trying to understand the norms).

And does KIND of place matter? (walking on the street versus sitting at a table in a restaurant versus sitting in a movie theater)

Because it seems in the US even kissing isn't a big deal, unless somebody gets hot and heavy someplace... say intended for small children (but even THERE holding hands or a peck kiss would not be viewed negatively)

Carnimire said...

@Galen - quite agree with you. As long as a relationship makes you happy, I don't see why anyone else should have the right to comment on it, much less police it... Unfortunately, so few people seem to feel that way.

@Tami - Practically nobody holds hands in public in India, much less puts an arm around someone's shoulders. As for sneaking a quick peck - you must be crazy to attempt it - it is always met with random people commenting on how 'immoral' some people are.
Slightly better in restaurants- kissing is not totally frowned upon, though people rarely do anything more heavy than gaze deep into each other's eyes.
Movie halls are quite another thing - you are in the dark, so can do anything without fear of being commented upon.

Homo or hetero, couples can be arrested for making out in public, and since making out is not at all well defined, the police often scoop down on people even when they are just necking.

With all those restrictions and with no privacy at home either, how we are a nation of over a billion people is anyone's guess.


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