Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Step back for a moment

The older one was putting together six piece jigsaw puzzles long before his third birthday, and has now graduated to the 100+ piece ones. When he was younger, I used to give him verbal cues, but since he’s now started resenting that, I only occasionally and very discretely push forward or rotate the odd piece.

Yesterday, he did not want me to do even that, and all I could do was to watch from a distance of over five feet. He started working in chunks, as he often does, and pretty soon the 60-piece puzzle had been reduced to three stray pieces and two giant chunks positioned almost perfectly.

But try as he could, he could just not put those five pieces together. His grandmother tried to tell him to look at the main picture, but that he would not. If I as much as cleared my throat, I was asked to shut up with a glare. He spent more time trying to fit those three pieces into the puzzle than he did on putting the rest of it together.

With his frustration levels mounting, I could stand it no more. Pretending I wanted to give him a hug, I pulled him back, and forced him to look at the puzzle from my vantage position. He could see the pieces leap up and take their rightful place in the puzzle. Less than a minute later, he was listening to our applause, the finished piece next to him.

Sometimes all you need to do to make sense of life is to step back for a moment.


dipali said...

How true!
I'm so glad he managed it by himself:)

Galen Kindley--Author said...

What a great little vignette. Nicely told. Steping back is a great gift to find. I call it not being overwhelmed by the enormity of the moment, or problem. The big news is, however, you have Photoshop..or some photographic software skills…nice work on the picture!

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Rayna M. said...

@dipali - Yes, I am really proud of my five year old trooper.

@Galen - actually it is only Picassa, which can be downloaded for free from the internet. But yes, I am obsessed with photoshopping.


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