Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Give credit when it is due

To most people, a flower is just a flower. Indistinguishable from the million others of its species. But to a gardener, who also happens to be a photographer, every model is unique. And I instantly recognized my Easter Lily when a friend made it her cover photograph on Facebook.
“Is that my flower?”, I asked.
“No, it was taken in Asthamudi”, she replied immediately.
Not giving credit was one thing, but claiming ownership was quite another. I dug through my albums and proved that she had commented on my original photograph.
She called to apologize, but still hasn’t credited me.
Yes, this is the Beauty that got stolen. Now, I'm going to make sure every picture I post is watermarked- it is precisely because I am not doing it for commercial gain that I do not want to lose credit.


Diandra said...

And that was done by a "friend"?

Anonymous said...

Natasha - I can't blame you for being upset about this. What a mean thing to do and she probably would never have apologised if you didn't call her on what she'd done.


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