Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On your chest

'So many boys, so little time', proclaimed the tee-shirt a friend was wearing. I was surprised; that wasn't exactly the message she normally sent out. There are always hidden facets to people, I reasoned, before putting the slogan out of my mind.
Others were not as kind. They took off in precisely the manner the tee-shirt demanded. She tried covering it up with her windcheater. Told stories about how she loved the cut and the colour of the tee-shirt.

None of it made sense to me. Shouldn't you at least know what it is that is emblazoned on your chest?
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

People here were t-shirts all the time and don't care about the message written across the front.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The power of advertising!

GigglesandGuns said...

Around here no one "thinks" before wearing words on chest or butt. It's rather scary at times.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you - as adults we should think about what messages we send out. How can we expect our children to respect us and what we stand for if not?

Dorte H.

Margot Kinberg said...

Natasha - That's such a well-taken point! We do need to think about what we are conveying to others. We also need to keep in mind that we may not be sending the message we think we're sending. Communication is not always smooth...

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's the mother of a hundred sons...

Chuck said...

Shirt slogans are generally a superficial cry for attention. Sometimes however they give the wrong impression to the wrong people...in our crazy world today.

dipali said...

I prefer not to wear clothes with writing on them. Women and their chests get enough stares as it is:(

Pramlia said...

Since I am the person who wore the T shirt and whose picture you have put up , let me clarify a few things

a) Firstly I don’t remember posing for this picture for you Natasha .So that means you have taken this picture without my permission, conveniently edited it, and uploaded it here behind my back, for the world to see and judge me, without my knowledge, knowing fully well that I am not a member of this forum ( I became a member only today, that too , specifically to reply to your post which I discovered this weekend ). That makes me feel terribly violated .For someone who claims to walk the high moral ground, is this the kind of example you want to set for your children, I wonder.

b) Secondly I think you are a coward, because if you had the courage you would have told me what you think about my Tee on my face, instead you acted so friendly with me on the trip and not once did you express your true views to me .You have pretended to be my friend so long and care for me – is this what friends do ?Or are you a dual personality who is something else on the inside ,and shows a sugar- coated version of herself for the world to see?

c) You talk about the kind of ‘ signals’ I was sending off and how the “others” “were not as kind and took off on me” - You and I both know that nothing of that sort happened, no one other than you even bothered to care about what my tee said .If they did have a problem with my tee, please don’t be cryptic but mention openly as to who they are and how they ‘took off’, I can then forward your reply to the concerned people and clarify for myself .Also ,just for your information, the only time I “covered” up the tee was when it drizzled!!!!

d) You talk about how we should be responsible for what we wear on our chest .I have seen you wear Tees with deep cuts (including the black tee you wore for a local race), skirts that ride up from the behind to show more than they hide , when you run. What kind of ‘signals’ were you sending out then Natasha? Often what we think of others is nothing but a projection of our own thoughts and ideas isn't it ?. just because you choose to wear clothes which send out 'signals' please don't apply the rule to the rest of the world !!!!

e) Clearly you don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘friend’, so you shouldn’t be using the word . From what I get , you see the world through your narrow horse blinders and judge people who don't hold the same views as you . Through your posts , you go all out to show the world what a godly person you are , damned be to anyone else and their feelings .

Only thing I agree with you is the part of realizing that everyone has hidden facets, am so glad I came to know of yours – sooner better than later , as they say.

Am not writing this in spite, but the picture and the post you put up does pertain to me and in all fairness, if your post remains, so should my response to it .

If you don't allow it to be posted , I will simply put it up as my drabble on this forum, Will give a link to your drabble to those who wish .I will also put up both posts on my FB wall for everyone to see. Again, its not out of spite but its just to be fair to you and me and to all those that know both of us .

Natasha said...

@ Pramila- in case you didn't notice, I removed the photograph after you objected to it. The only reason I did not reply to the personal mail you sent me is because you expressly told me that you didn't want me to reply, and that I could, if I so choose post a reply on my blog, but you will not be reading.

If you want to create a blog only to post a response to this post, and want to post links on facebook, go right ahead. Whether you know it or not, by doing all that you are only going to increase the traffic on my blog, and increased traffic results in greater ad revenues for me (and by extension to the charity I pass on all web-based revenues to) :-)

But please give me some notice, so I can put the original photograph up again (uncropped this time). If not, people are going to wonder what you are complaining about, since your photograph is no longer there, and neither have I mentioned you by name anywhere.


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