Sunday, April 17, 2011

Clitoria ?

Clitoria ternatea
A prepubescent girl raped to punish her family for allowing their cattle to gaze on another's land.
A candidate running for office gang raped by supporters of her political opponent.
A sister going to gather firewood, knowing she will be raped by soldiers- better that than her brother being killed.
A lawyer raped them accused of being delusional and imagining the whole incident.

It is only Women who can create new life. Only Women who can nurture. Only Woman who can give Birth.

Without Women, men would not even exist. Why then should the act that creates become a punishment?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sexual violence and punishment are heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

Violence done against women like rape - it's heartbreaking.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That is just terrible!

Diandra said...

Because they *can* do this to us - simple answer, not very nice. It's the moment we take up the shards and say, "So he raped me, what's for dinner?" that the horrible event becomes irrelevant. And that's the hardest part or it.

Chuck said...

Some unbelievable stuff happens in this world. Quite a somber post Rayna.

baygirl32 said...

very sobering post... brings a tear to my eye for personal reasons

Mason Canyon said...

It's heart-wrenching that acts such as these continue today. Very sad.

Thoughts in Progress

Meera said...

And man thinks he is above the beast.

Tina said...

So much heartbreak out there...saddens the soul and makes me feel completely without resources to make a difference.

slommler said...

Rape...all about power and control and in many societies...justified and permissible!!! It is disgusting!
Will it ever end?? No as long a man thinks he is god!!!!

WiFilibrarian said...

Slommler's got it right, its about power and control, rather then punishment, but it is still terrible. I don't know why it continues but it is purpertuated by weak men.


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