Friday, October 23, 2009

Glass bangles


Chudiyan pehenke ghar mein baith. Wear bangles and sit at home”, is the worst insult that a certain breed of female activists can throw at men they are particularly contemptuous of. The humble glass bangles that are meant to grace slender wrists are often thrust upon men who have failed to perform their public duty.
Effeminate associations may have inadvertently rubbed off on bangles, but someone evidently forgot to keep the men informed. The most knowledgeable bangle sellers seem all to be men, and many of them don’t seem averse to picking up a dozen tinkling circles for their women.
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Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great picture! And...the bangles are actually glass? I can see me breaking them as I bang around in the kitchen! But they're so pretty.

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ladyfi said...

It's one thing to buy and sell bangles and another thing to wear them perhaps?

Elspeth Antonelli said...

I love bangles in theory, but not in practice. Their constant sliding up and down my arm drives me a little crazed.


Chary Johnson said...

I love the picture. The bangles are so vibrant. I love the irony in this drabble. The last line is quite profound. Brilliant.

dipali said...

The tinkle of glass bangles is such a delightful sound. But it seems awfully derogatory to women when men are told to wear bangles and sit at home:(

Rayna M. Iyer said...

@ Elizabeth - yes, they are glass. I manage to break a couple of them whenever I wear them, but there are women who wear them all the time (even at night), and break maybe one in two weeks!

@ Fiona - quite

@ Elspeth - that describes me. If I do wear them sometime, I end up taking them off in less than an hour. Just can't get anything done with them.

@ Chary - thanks. And they are beautiful, aren't they?

@ dipali - and yet, it is women who do that (or did - doesn't seem to be happening the last couple of years).


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