Friday, February 7, 2014

Nothing Ventured: day 36 of #100happydays

There are some things that we attempt, fail at, and decide not to try again. And there are those other things that we never attempt because even without trying, we are convinced we cannot do them. Baking bread fell firmly into the second category, till a chance encounter with a packet of yeast got me addicted. Over the weeks, I’ve experimented a lot with bread, and am getting better at it. Confident enough, to try even the tough ones.
“Nothing Ventured, Nothing Won”, is the topic my older one chose for a school essay. I could be writing that myself.
This "sunshine bread" is one I would have never even thought of attempting a few months back- just like I would never attempt to wear a dress that looks gorgeous on a supermodel. But then I tried, and it wasn't so hard after all! 
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Natasha - Oh, and that looks delicious too! I love it that you're daring yourself to try new things.


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