Thursday, February 6, 2014

Characters you love: day 35 of #100happydays

I first met him when he chased down the Blue Carbuncle in a story in my English Reader. By the time we did the lesson in class, I had read all the other stories in ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’. By the end of the year, I’d finished all the short stories, and most of the long ones.
And then came the re-reads, and the re-re-reads. I grabbed the spin-offs- loved the Seven Per-Cent Solution, hated the rest. It was with mixed feelings that I picked up the ‘authorized’ spin-off. It was decent, but not the Sherlock Holmes I love.
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Mason Canyon said...

I am enjoying your #100happydays posts. I agree, there is only one Sherlock Holmes.

Anonymous said...

Natasha - I know exactly what you mean. There is only one Sherlock Holmes. No other rendition of him is exactly right.


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